Chip Sealer

    1. LMT5311TFC Chip SealerSynchronous chip sealer is developed by Metong in accordance to international standards. It is widely used in road constructions. It can spray asphalt and aggregate simultaneously and as well spray separately.
    1. LMT5250TFC Synchronous Chip SealerLMT5250TFC synchronous chip sealer developed by our company is the special machinery for asphalt pavement construction and can be widely applied into the highway operation work of fast synchronous spraying.
    1. LMT5312TFC Asphalt Synchronous Chip SealerLMT5312TFC intelligent asphalt synchronous sealer honorably launched by Metong has several advantages such as saving cost, good wear resistance and water proof performance.
    1. LMT5160TFCT Mini Chip SealerThis chip spreader is cost saving, wear resistant of surface, anti-skid and water proof, it can rapidly recovery the traffic after construction, so that it is suitable for different grades of highway construction.