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Asphalt distributor machinery R & D and Manufacturing base

Zhejiang Metong Road Construction Machinery Company is a China-based company, specializing in manufacturing road construction equipment, road maintenance truck, bitumen plant, and related road equipment. Our main products include micro-surfacing equipment, asphalt distributor, asphalt tank trailer, heat preservation road maintenance truck, rubber asphalt plant and emulsion bitumen plant. Our machinery is widely used in road construction and maintenance for highway, municipal construction, airports, bridges and channels.

    1. Environmental Multi-function Asphalt Mixing Plant
    2. Environmental Multi-function Asphalt Mixing Plant Economy: The high-precision measurement ensures the lowest production cost. The most advanced burner minimizes the fuel consumption. A large number of maintenance-free structures and parts reduce the maintenance cost for the user.
    1. Fiber Chip Sealer (3 in 1)
    2. Fiber Chip Sealer (3 in 1) The LMT5316TFCW is a fiber chip sealer (3 in 1). It is a new variety of road maintenance equipment developed by METONE and is primarily used in the construction of road surface layers or stress absorption intermediate layer (SAMI).
    1. Chip Sealer
    2. Chip Sealer The chip sealer is a kind of hi-tech road construction equipment at the international level. Compare with its counterparts, our chip sealers are of high automation, even spray, easy operation, large loading capacity and great efficiency.
    1. Micro-surfacing
    2. Micro-surfacing Micro-surfacing is the solution to reducing resistance, cracks, rutting and other deteriorations on the road surface. It is applied to enhance the road anti-slippery performance, waterproofness, surface smoothness and driving comfort.
    1. Automatic Asphalt Distributor
    2. Automatic Asphalt Distributor Our automatic asphalt distributor adopts the advanced foreign and domestic technologies. In addition, we join with Chang'an University, Zhejiang University and other renowned universities in researching and developing new automatic asphalt distributor.
    1. Semi-Automatic Asphalt Distributor
    2. Semi-Automatic Asphalt Distributor Semi-automatic asphalt distributor adopts asphalt spray bar fixed value display device, nozzle auto-control device, etc. In the aspect of spraying, it has the same spray efficiency as automatic asphalt distributor, it can satisfy the high-tech requirement of high rate of road asphalt spraying.
    1. Rubber Asphalt Plant
    2. Rubber Asphalt Plant Rubber Asphalt Plant is manufactured in lie of McDonald wet treatment design techniques. The product is extremely resilient high performance that results in high quality and durable asphalt roads.
    1. MTG15 Modified Asphalt Equipment
    2. MTG15 Modified Asphalt Equipment SBS modified asphalt, as one kind of pavement material, is used for improving the asphalt pavement to prolong its service life and reduce sound pollution. Therefore, it is significant to promote the application of SBS modified asphalt.
    1. Asphalt Melting Equipment
    2. Asphalt Melting Equipment DJT4 and DJT3 asphalt melting equipment developed by our company uses conduction oil as heating medium to heat, melt, dump and dewater asphalt through heating coil and conduction oil boiler exhaust gas residual heat.
    1. Antiskid Fog-sealing Asphalt Distributor
    2. Antiskid Fog-sealing Asphalt Distributor Our LMT5255GLQW antiskid fog-sealing asphalt distributor is equipped with a chassis from SINOTRUCK, and the spreading device is our own development. This antiskid fog-sealing asphalt distributor uses a power take off method (PTO) and sprays according to the construction situation.
    1. Antiskid Binding Agent Spreader
    2. Binding Agent Spreader This binding agent spreader is used to spread cement for cold recycling roads and spread stabilized soil adhesives for roadbeds. These spreading vehicles can also be used to spread cement, lime powder, fly ash and other materials.

In order to provide customers with reliable road construction and maintenance equipment, we import key component parts from Germany, Japan, Italy for making quality chip sealer, chip spreader, asphalt mixer , etc. For example, control system and key parts of our road machinery are imported from German Siemens, and the burner is from Italian Riello. We have also established a quality control system, by which every department has a quality assessment system to ensure all production procedures are in conformation with our 6S quality management system. With great efforts from all our staff, our company received the Chinese Machinery Industry Quality System Certification and CCC (China Compulsory Certification) in 2002, and we passed ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification in 2006. Now, our micro-surfacing equipment, synchronous chip sealer, and other road equipment are in the process of receiving CE certification.

We not only give great attention to technology development and quality management, but we also concentrate on effective cost control for our products. We do this by ensuring the best use of our labor and materials, and reducing unnecessary work and waste. Our road construction equipment and road maintenance truck are of superior quality, safe, environmentally friendly, and provided at competitive price. As a result, our chip sealer, asphalt distributor, pavement cleaning truck, asphalt mixer and bitumen plant have great popularity among our clients in over 40 countries and regions around the world, such as Russia, Mongolia, the Philippines, Chile, Nigeria, and more.

In addition to superior quality road construction equipment and road maintenance trucks, we also provide excellent customer service. We provide equipment installation and testing within the warranty period, in addition to maintenance, repairs, and parts replacement. If you are in need of road construction equipment, road maintenance truck and bitumen plant, please contact us. Zhejiang Metong Road Construction Machinery Company is looking forward to working with you.

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