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DLB-1500 Asphalt Mixing Plant

1. Wide application: Asphalt mixing machine is equipped with multi-function connector, allowing the installation of asphalt recycling equipment, cold-in-plant recycling equipment and etc. for use in the processing for colored asphalt and additives. Meanwhile, it only requires a slight improvement to make it capable for the mixing of both bituminous mixture and concrete;
2. Cost effectiveness: The asphalt mixing plant allows high precision measurement, so as to ensure a min. production cost. Besides, it is outfitted with a best-in-class combustor for min. fuel consumption. Moreover, the mixing plant introduces many maintenance-free parts and structure, so the maintenance cost could also be largely reduced;
3. Reliability: Highly advanced techniques and high-end configuration allows our asphalt mixing plant a reliable and stable operation;
4. Modularized structure: Thanks to its modularized structure, our mixing plant could be moved to other construction sites in a short period of time; Meanwhile, its transportation, installation and commissioning all become easier and more convenient;
5. High security and comfortability: Asphalt mixing plant is designed in strict accordance with the philosophy of human engineering, so not only am attractive appearance, our asphalt mixing plant also has a comfortable use experience.

Technical Parameters
Model DLB-1500
Production capacity 120 t/h
Drying cylinder combustor fuel consumption rate(standard) Fuel consumption rate ≤6.0kg/t mixture, Gas consumption rate ≤7.5 Nm³ mixture, Coal consumption rate ≤13.0kg/t mixture
Measuring accuracy Dynamic measurement accuracy: asphalt±1.0%, powder±1.0%, aggregate±2.0% static measurement accuracy: asphalt±0.25%, powder±0.3%, aggregate±0.5%, asphalt aggregate ratio ≤±0.2%
Emission concentration Smoke and dust emission concentration ≤50mg/Nm³,Ringelman blackness ≤I
Installed capacity (standard) 330kw
Maximum unit capacity 75kw(Induced draft fan)
Power AC 380V 50Hz
Storage bin capacity 50 tons (bottom-mounted)
Covering area 800-900㎡

1. DLB-1500 asphalt mixing machine enjoys a compact structure and a small floor space, so both the installation and component changing will become convenient;
2. Cold feeder, material mixer, storage bin, filter, and asphalt tank are designed in an integrated module, which provides much convenience for both transportation and installation;
3. Drying cylinder combustor is equipped with blades, which could serve as ideal sun shielding. Thus, the thermal energy could be efficiently used and the fuel consumption could be largely reduced. Besides, since our combustor is introduced from overseas market, a high thermal efficiency could be ensured;
4. Digital measurement is introduced for precise measurement;
5. Electrical control system is outfitted with imported components and it allows programmable and micro-computer controlling.
6. Gearbox, bearing, combustor, pneumatic component, dust collector bag and many other ley components are all introduced from famous brands in overseas market, so the reliable operation could be realized.