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MTG15 Modified Asphalt Equipment

Brief Introduction
SBS modified asphalt, as one kind of pavement material, is used for improving the asphalt pavement to prolong its service life and reduce sound pollution. Therefore, it is significant to promote the application of SBS modified asphalt.

MTG15 Modified Asphalt Equipment adopts a mature technology named high shear colloid mill. The modifier is loaded with help of the spiral variable frequency speed drive after it is measured by weighing sensor. Asphalt could be measured by pump or the weighing sensor. The heat exchanger with large capacity for heating the asphalt could adjust to the surrounding temperature in different geographical areas. Its container appearance allows us to easily install and move. In addition, key components and elements are international advanced level products imported from abroad, which guarantees the reliability of this equipment operation.

1. This advanced processing technique adopted by MTG15 Modified Asphalt Equipment is especially suitable for processing the modifiers including SBS, SBR and MAC and could thoroughly solve the asphalt segregation problem with the help of professional stabilization technique.
2. The high shear colloid mill is the core of SBS modified asphalt equipment and the gap between the millstones is adjustable (0.01mm-20mmm).
3. The main components including bearing oil seal are all originally imported from Japan. The bearing pedestal is equipped with the water circulating cooling device. The mill body is heated by the heat transfer oil and also has an external closed thermal insulation.
4. The two premixing tanks could alternatively discharge and mix materials in an automatic way.
5. It combines human-machine interface and PLC, which makes the whole production flow displayed in visually appealing forms to realize centralized control and easy operation.
6. MTG15 Modified Asphalt Equipment is compatible with other devices such as asphalt tank and asphalt mixing plant.

Technical Parameter
Classes Item Parameter Supplier Remark
General Parameter Productivity ≤15T/h
Working Voltage 380V/50HZ
Total Power of Electrical Equipment ≤115Kw Exclude optional items
Mixture Collocating System Dimension (Length× Width ×Height)and Weight 9000mm×2200mm×2500mm, 15t 1个
Control Room Dimension (Length× Width ×Height) and Weight 3000mm×2200mm×2500mm, 3t 1个
Min. Clearance of colloid mill 0.01mm
Asphalt-modifier ratio 100:1~100:10
Structure Mobile Combination Structure

Construction Case