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Fiber Asphalt Chip Sealer (2 in 1)

Brief Introduction
Fiber Asphalt Chip Sealer (2 in 1) coat technology adopted by the fiber asphalt chip sealer (2 in 1) is a new technique. The asphalt (generally emulsified asphalt) and glass fiber are sprayed simultaneously. Then the aggregate is sprayed to form one new wearing layer or the press absorption interlayer.

The filaments of pulverized fiber will form the irregular net structure with even distribution and will greatly increase the intensity of asphalt tack coat once combing with asphalt, thus prolonging the highway service life by effectively preventing the cracking or subgrade cracking from reflecting the overlying strata and keeping the upside stress crack unconnected with the under part. Its favorable absorption capability, good dispersive power and super waterproof property could effectively guard against the reflection crack and cut the interconnection with the subgrade/ road surface. This is a great technology for the world asphalt road maintenance and construction.

LMT5315TFCW synchronous fiber reinforced asphalt seal vehicle is a new kind of road maintenance equipment designed by Metong. This equipment is mainly applied into the construction of the pavement surface and SAMI, which could effectively solve the crack problems and prolong the road service life.

Features of Fiber Seal Coat Technology
1. LMT5315TFCW synchronous fiber reinforced asphalt seal vehicle has favorable stress absorption and dispersive capabilities.
2. It features high wear resistance, good water proof property, high stability and fast construction.

1. This equipment could improve the tensile strength more than 30%.
2. Its fatigue-resistance capacity increases more than 30%.
3. Its roller-resistance capacity increases more than 300%.

1. It could be applied into building the roadbed and the absorbing layer of bond stress to prevent the reflection crack.
2. For the old /new asphalt pavement, it is necessary to conduct the preventative maintenance by paving the hard wearing layer.
3. LMT5315TFCW synchronous fiber reinforced asphalt seal vehicle is suitable for the seal coat construction of all levels of highways, the pavement reconstruction and the water proof construction for the bridge.

Technical Parameters
Item Parameter
Name Synchronous Fiber Seal Vehicle
Model LMT5315TFCW
Outline Dimension of Whole Vehicle (L/W/H mm) 12000×2500×3800
Capacity of Asphalt Tank (m3) 9
Capacity of Fiber Bin (m3) 6
Chassis Model ZZ1317N4667D1H
Tire Specification 12.00R20
Approach Angle/ Departure Angle (°) 16/11
Engine Rating Power/ Rotation Speed(kw/r/min) 249/1900
Engine Model D10.34-40
Seating Capacity (including the driver) 3
Top Speed (km/h) 90
Complete Vehicle Weight (kg) 31000
Working Speed (km/h) 3~4
Asphalt Spray Width (m) 0.1~3.6
Asphalt Spray Volume (L/m2) 2.8
The Number of Asphalt Nozzles 72 pieces

Equipment Performance
1. Fiber Spray System
1.1 The fiber spray pole is at the middle of the asphalt spray poles. 36 fiber crackers are scattered on the fiber spray pole with the space of 100mm.
1.2 The fiber length could be controlled at 30mm, 60mm or 120mm and the construction effect is the best when the fiber length is controlled at 60mm.
1.3 The spray volume ranges from 30 g/ m2 to 200 g/ m2.
1.4 This system is powered by the hydraulic system.
1.5 The fiber cracker (sprayer) adopts the backflow prevention pneumatic nozzle.
1.6 The breaker has one in-built fiber monitoring sensor so that wire feed rolls will automatically disengage once the fiber transmission failures occurred.

2. Asphalt Spray System
1.1 This system consists of two spray poles. Each spray pole owns 36 nozzles while the space between the nozzles is 100 mm.
1.2 The spray volume is adjustable within the range from 1 kg/m2 to 2.8kg/m2. In addition, there is a transfer oil heating system so that the asphalt could be heated to our required temperature.
1.3 The automatic spray hydraulic system controlled by the computer is responsible for the moving up and down or sideways or switching on/ off activities of the asphalt spray pole. The asphalt pole is foldable and its height is adjustable.
1.4 The computer could continuously control the spray volume as we need.