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Asphalt Mixer

Asphalt mixer is the common pavement equipment for road construction and maintenance. The common ones are mobile double-cylinder asphalt mixer, mobile forced asphalt mixer, placed end product warehouse design asphalt mixer and the like. They are widely used in construction of bridges, highways, tunnels, airports, and municipal works and so on.

Asphalt Mixer is an up-grade successfully developed compared to traditionally used mixer in engineering construction industries. It has accurate digital proportional mixer and also has temperature controlling system that enables flexibility in temperature control, proportional capability. The spray pipe of asphalt mixer is much closer to the bottom of its tires, which creates safe working environment, reduction of environmental issues and safe guard of equipment itself.
Fuel system of Asphalt Mixer is the most advanced burner ZHC type oil burner. The product can also burn asphalt as fuel.
Asphalt Mixer has record in its reliability, efficiency, quality and productivity throughout China as well as other countries. It is greatly used in highway road, mine, oil field construction and much more civil construction projects.

Main Parts/ Features of Asphalt Mixer
Classes Item Parameter
General Parameter Productivity ≤3-5T/h
Working Voltage 380V/50HZ
Total Power of Electrical Equipment ≤12Kw
Dimension (mm) 5290x2133x3450
Manual Asphalt Speed (L/min) 30
Agitation Vat Capacity (m³) 0.22
Temperature (℃) 120-160
Driving Mode (KW) 3
Burner (KW) 240
Asphalt System Capacity (m³) 0.48
Asphalt Temperature (℃) 100-160
Asphalt Pump (m³/h) 3
Pressure (Mpa) 0.6
Electric System Generator (KW) 12

As a professional asphalt mixer manufacturer in China, our road maintenance machinery features advanced technology, convenient operation, high efficiency and reasonable prices. As a result, our products are widely used in more than forty countries and regions, such as Russia, Indonesia and Dubai. In addition to asphalt mixer , we also produce Chip Sealing Distributors and Equipment, asphalt distributor, rubber asphalt plant and other road equipment with the aim of satisfying the market demands. If you are in need of such products, please contact us!