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LMT5160TFCT Mini Chip Sealing Distributors and Equipment

Brief Introduction
LMT5160TFCT mini Chip Sealing Distributors and Equipment developed by Metone is a special construction machinery for asphalt pavement, it can be used for fast synchronous sealing on the road, spreading asphalt and aggregate at the same time or respectively. This chip spreader is cost saving, wear resistant of surface, anti-skid and water proof, it can rapidly recovery the traffic after construction, so that it is suitable for different grades of highway construction.

1. The asphalt spraying capacity of pavement sealer is accurate, the spraying effect is uniform.
2. The spraying volume is controlled intelligently, the vehicle speed is real-time monitored.
3. Computer touch screen is adopted by our Chip Sealing Distributors and Equipment, video monitoring system is optional, which can observe each working process at any time.
4. This pavement sealer uses high performance spray system, synchronous asphalt and aggregate spray system.
5. Control system uses modular design that can reduce the failure rate, and makes our aggregate chip spreader easy to operate and maintain.
6. Spray nozzle and discharge door are switched pneumatically, the computer can control each of them individually.
7. The spray width is adjustable during working.
8. The mini Chip Sealing Distributors and Equipment has the functions of self-absorption and external discharge, that improve the working efficiency.
9. Backup system is available when the main control system is broken down , the spraying work can still controlled manually.

Technical Parameters
Model LMT5160TFCT
Chassis DFL1160BX5
Motor ISB180 40
Power (kw) 132
Tire 9.00R20
Dimensions (mm) 8850×2490×3220
Curb weight (kg) 10700
Maximum weight (kg) 16000
Maximum speed (km/h) 90
Fuel consumption per 100 kilometers (L) < 19
Travel speed (km/h) 2-5
Rated capacity of asphalt tank (L) 6000
Stone bin volume (m) 3
Gravel particle size (mm) 5-25
Spread width (m) ≤3.0
Asphalt spray volume (L/m2) 0.6-3.0